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Our Vision

Mammoth Cyber’s vision is to help secure every interaction between users, application or infrastructure and ensure that they adhere to principles of zero-trust.

Solving the problem includes securing remote access, granular control over data access, centralizing identity, ensuring least privileged access, and preventing the spread of malware. And doing this in a manner that is agnostic to the applications, platforms, infrastructure, or devices.

Mammoth Cyber was founded by Michael Shieh and Yonghui Cheng. Michael

was co-founder of vArmour and helped blaze the path for various technologies at Juniper, NetScreen and Lucent Technologies. Yonghui was a fellow at Palo Alto Networks and led the development of several new products at Juniper and NetScreen. They have hired a team with decades of experience in security, a broad range of experience in developing innovative product and scaling companies.

Life at Mammoth

At Mammoth, employee wellbeing is our priority. In addition to providing an environment where we get to be creative, explore new ideas and create cutting-edge solutions – we provide a competitive salary, stock options, healthcare coverage, 401K plans, unlimited vacation, and other benefits.

Are you passionate about helping organizations secure their digital assets and infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies? Do you want to do so with a vibrant and welcoming team? Then you should explore the opportunities to build your career at Mammoth Cyber.

At Mammoth, we live by the following principles:


We hire people for their bold ideas and the passion to pursue them. We encourage everyone to share their ideas and provide critical feedback on every aspect of our execution.


We know that successful companies are built with people working together and treating each other with respect. The best results are produced when every team member contributes their unique point of view to address collective issues.


We live by the phrase – say what you will do and do what you say. We encourage transparency and the unrelenting pursuit of desired results.


We know that open communication can only be built upon trust and trust relies on open communication. We build trust on reciprocal expectations of care, honesty, integrity, support and respect.


We know that in order to blaze new trails we must take risks and sometimes fail. We celebrate success and treat failures like they must be treated – learning opportunities.