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Secure Remote Access for Third Parties, Vendors and Contractors

Secure Alternative to VDI

Using VDI for contactor and 3rd party access is hard to deploy and manage, requires a thick client, does not deliver a good user experience and provides a false sense of security.

The Mammoth Enterprise Browser allows users to connect to cloud infrastructure and applications from anywhere, while ensuring that security teams can maintain full visibility and control of user activities. Mammoth provides a revolutionary way to manage access to Web and SSH applications from anywhere.

Zero Trust Remote Access

Securing cloud access for employees and third parties to prevent unauthorized data access and data theft requires zero trust for networking, identity and data.

The Mammoth Enterprise Browser provides zero trust remote access that allows only authorized users to access allowed applications in a permitted context. Mammoth browser isolation technology provides secure access from managed and unmanaged devices to any application and infrastructure.

Secure Infrastructure Access

Securing cloud infrastructure access requires the resolution of key issues across multiple all-access methods and target applications including SSH, RDP, Kubernetes and Bitbucket/GitHub®/GitLab®.

The Mammoth Enterprise Browser applies zero trust to SSH access, delivers the visibility into identity, eliminates complexity of key rotation, monitors privileged sessions and provides visibility and control over data access.

Visibility and Compliance

Compliance audits are time consuming, labor intensive and often riddled with errors and inconsistences. It is especially true when generating reports about access to critical resources – a focus area of compliance.

The Mammoth Enterprise Browser provides full visibility, rolebased access control, a single real-time source of truth, identifies anomalies and integrates with existing infrastructure to make compliance reporting automated, accurate and timely.

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