Secure Remote Access with the Enterprise Access Browser

The Enterprise Access Browser (EAB) is a new product category that combines a policy engine and a Chromium based web browser to create a new solution for secure remote access. The Mammoth Cyber solution enforces conditional access and controls user actions when connecting to the public cloud, internal applications and SaaS applications. Technology integrations with identity providers automate the secure onboarding and remote users, contractors and partners without the need for VDI or VPN connections.

Why Start with the Browser?

The browser has evolved over the years into the primary access point for employees to reach enterprise applications, SaaS applications, and a multitude of other web-based functions needed to perform their jobs. The position of the browser in this remote network architecture, with its view of the source of so many transactions, eliminates the need to proxy and decrypt network traffic, provides significantly more context, and allows the real-time analysis of web browser sessions for security monitoring. The browser is also the ideal location to govern conditional access to a broad range of destinations including internal data centers and applications, public cloud access, SaaS Applications, web sites and more.

security gaps Where: No visibility and control into where users have access
security gaps What: Inability to control access to data and prevent data leakage
security gaps Who: No visibility or control over identity across applications

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How Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser Works

Redefining the Standard for Secure Remote Access

Mammoth Enterprise Access Browser gives full control of remote user access back to the enterprise IT team. Mammoth Enterprise Access Browser eliminates operational complexity, enhances security and protects against malicious actors.


The browser provides a key vantage point at the primary source of internal applications, company data and SaaS services. No need to decrypt traffic or manage certs.


Adding a policy engine to the browser provides the ideal point to tailor permissions, control user activity, and maintain detailed audit logs.


Rather than trying to piece together context from network inspection, the browser already knows the identity of the user, the applications accessed and the associated permissions.

Why Mammoth?

Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser gives full control of remote user access back to the enterprise IT team. Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser eliminates operational complexity, enhances security and protects against malicious actors.

Visibility and Control

Once the gold standard for secure remote access, VPNs are widely deployed, but lack the visibility required to implement Zero Trust policies. With the EAB, users are not granted wholesale access to the network. They are only provided access to the applications they need to do their jobs, and detailed logging maintains a complete audit trail of all user actions.

  • Centralized remote access to internal applications and critical cloud infrastructure for frictionless role based privileged access
  • Identity and permission management controls to prevent the use of shared passwords, enforce MFA and prevent transfer of sensitive data to local devices
  • Native integration with key vaults to secure identity and credentials preventing misuse and identity sprawl

User Experience

The Mammoth Browser helps IT security teams enforce strict access policies while minimizing the impact to the end user. The EAB presents a familiar interface for users to access the applications and data they need to do their jobs, and they no longer need to toggle between multiple VPN and ZTNA clients to access different applications.

  • Always-on decryption without the overhead of additional decryption
  • Application layer for accurate data detection and classification
  • Real time detection of anomalies and abnormal behavior to minimize false positives or miss false negatives

Developer Access

Mammoth’s EAB extends secure remote access even further by allowing users focused on dev and engineering roles to utilize their local environments. These employees often have spent significant effort to customize their local environments and the EAB includes capabilities that allow for SSH, RDP, Git, Kubernetes and Database access direct from their own environment.

Identity Integration

Integration with Identity providers like Okta and Azure AD allows a seamless and automated exchange of role based permissions. Identity and permission management flag the use of corporate identities for external accounts where identities could be more easily compromised.

Data Loss Prevention and Detection

  • Policies to limit file upload to unauthorized web sites to prevent data leakage
  • Detection of PII to prevent unauthorized data download

Multiple Deployment Options

  • Agentless - For rapid zero-trust, device-agnostic deployment
  • Lightweight, local Enterprise Access Browser, client-based solution for visibility and control of internet-bound and SaaS access

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Technology Integrations


Case Studies

Customers across every vertical ranging from Financial Services, Gaming, Business Services, Manufacturing, and Healthcare are successfully addressing the challenge of providing secure remote access to their employees, contractors and 3rd parties. Here are a few select examples of how they are securing access to applications, data and their most critical resources.


Securing Third Party Access to Sensitive Data

For a large public traded company providing Information and Communication Technology, maintaining strict control over data and operations performed on the data is critical. The company was responsible for the security of customer data. Mammoth provided complete control over data access to ensure only authorized users could access critical information. Mammoth provided visibility data access and rich context about the access. An agentless approach ensured the deployment was easy, management was simple and barriers to adoption were minimized.

Securing Remote Desktop Access

For a company whose charter was to build autonomous vehicles, balancing the security of its intellectual property and providing easy remote access to the data meant using legacy solutions that were cumbersome to maintain and were difficult to maintain. With Appaegis enforcing secure access, authorization and enforcing least privileged access was easy. The granular control provided the ability to restrict access to designated servers and applications. The comprehensive visibility enabled easy access to user activity for compliance, audit and forensic analysis.

Protection Against Ransomware & Zero-Day Threats

A ransomware attack on any organization is disruptive in the best case and catastrophic in the worst case. For organizations that need to enable 3rd party access to critical applications and sensitive data, protecting against the lateral movement of malware from untrusted endpoints is essential. Mammoth’s browser isolation technology helps prevent the lateral movement of malware from infected or malicious endpoints. Its agentless deployment model helps ensure that the solution can be quickly implemented and easily adopted.

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