Enterprise Access Browser Based Zero Trust

Mammoth secures access where it originates

Mammoth Enterprise Access Browser observes every interaction between users and the cloud with complete visibility into access to applications and control over data that users can access.

Security Gaps Result from Applying Network Centric Tools to a Cloud Centric World

Organizations are increasingly relying on a distributed workforce that includes contractors, vendors and third parties. But, they do not have control over the devices these offsite workers use to access resources. They are leveraging network-centric tools that have security gaps.

The security gaps include:
security gaps Where: No visibility and control into where users have access
security gaps What: Inability to control access to data and prevent data leakage
security gaps Who: No visibility or control over identity across applications

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How Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser Works

Redefining the Standard for Securing Cloud Infrastructure Access

Mammoth Enterprise Access Browser gives full control of remote user access back to the enterprise IT team. Mammoth Enterprise Access Browser eliminates operational complexity, enhances security and protects against malicious actors.


Easy user onboarding and offboarding
Efficient management that is infrastructure and device agnostic
Automated compliance reporting and auditing
Reduce network latency with secure access at the source

Unified solution to control where, what and who


Grant access only to needed resources and data
Monitor and control identities for all applications
Provide visibility and control over file and data access
Eliminate overly permissive access
Prevent unauthorized access and identity proliferation


Eradicate the threat of lateral movement of malware

Segment endpoints and cloud applications
Enterprise access browser to protect against malicious access

Product Features

Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser gives full control of remote user access back to the enterprise IT team. Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser eliminates operational complexity, enhances security and protects against malicious actors.

Identity and Permission Management

  • Centralized remote access to internal applications and critical cloud infrastructure for frictionless role based privileged access
  • Identity and permission management controls to prevent the use of shared passwords, enforce MFA and prevent transfer of sensitive data to local devices
  • Native integration with key vaults to secure identity and credentials preventing misuse and identity sprawl
Browser Isolated

Browser Isolated Access Embedded in Enterprise Access Browser

  • Always-on decryption without the overhead of additional decryption
  • Application layer for accurate data detection and classification
  • Real time detection of anomalies and abnormal behavior to minimize false positives or miss false negatives


  • Mammoth Access Fabric provides support for heavy load, peak traffic and global users without degradation of accuracy, coverage or impact on user experience

Support for Broad Range of Applications and Protocols

  • Mammoth Access Fabric provides the same set of benefits, controls and visibility into user transactions across Web, SSH, RDP, Bitbucket® and other cloud infrastructure applications and services

Data Loss Prevention and Detection

  • Policies to limit file upload to unauthorized web sites to prevent data leakage
  • Detection of PII to prevent unauthorized data download

Multiple Deployment Options

  • Agentless - For rapid zero-trust, device-agnostic deployment
  • Lightweight, local Enterprise Access Browser, client-based solution for visibility and control of internet-bound and SaaS access

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Technology Integrations


Case Studies

Customers across every vertical ranging from Financial Services, Gaming, Business Services, Manufacturing, and Healthcare are successfully addressing the challenge of providing secure remote access to their employees, contractors and 3rd parties. Here are a few select examples of how they are securing access to applications, data and their most critical resources.


Securing Third Party Access to Sensitive Data

For a large public traded company providing Information and Communication Technology, maintaining strict control over data and operations performed on the data is critical. The company was responsible for the security of customer data. Mammoth provided complete control over data access to ensure only authorized users could access critical information. Mammoth provided visibility data access and rich context about the access. An agentless approach ensured the deployment was easy, management was simple and barriers to adoption were minimized.

Securing Remote Desktop Access

For a company whose charter was to build autonomous vehicles, balancing the security of its intellectual property and providing easy remote access to the data meant using legacy solutions that were cumbersome to maintain and were difficult to maintain. With Appaegis enforcing secure access, authorization and enforcing least privileged access was easy. The granular control provided the ability to restrict access to designated servers and applications. The comprehensive visibility enabled easy access to user activity for compliance, audit and forensic analysis.

Protection Against Ransomware & Zero-Day Threats

A ransomware attack on any organization is disruptive in the best case and catastrophic in the worst case. For organizations that need to enable 3rd party access to critical applications and sensitive data, protecting against the lateral movement of malware from untrusted endpoints is essential. Mammoth’s browser isolation technology helps prevent the lateral movement of malware from infected or malicious endpoints. Its agentless deployment model helps ensure that the solution can be quickly implemented and easily adopted.