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The Mammoth Extension Provides Visibility and Control, Even When Users Want to Choose Their Own Browser

When to Use the Mammoth Extension

While the Mammoth Extension does not provide every capability included in the Mammoth Browser, it does provide a core set of functionality that provides visibility and control when users are allowed to select their own browser. Deployable on managed devices via MDM , the Mammoth Extension connects with common Identity Providers to understand user entitlements, and control functions like adding unknown extensions, limiting copy and paste and monitoring downloads.


The browser provides a key vantage point at the primary source of internal applications, company data and SaaS services. No need to decrypt traffic or manage certs.


Rather than trying to piece together context from network inspection, the Mammoth Extension already knows the identity of the user, the applications accessed and the associated permissions to deliver meaningful logs and insights.

Why Mammoth?


No need to mandate a particular browser for users. The Mammoth Extension works with Chrome or Edge to give users the choice they demand. The Extension can be deployed via MDM solutions like Intune for seamless corporate control.


The Mammoth Extension helps IT security teams monitor web use while minimizing the impact to end users. With no impact to the browser, all functions remain the same for corporate users.


Integration with Identity Providers like Okta or Azure AD allows a seamless and automated exchange of role based permissions. Identity and permission management flag the use of corporate identities for external accounts where identities can be more easily compromised.

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