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Mammoth Cyber Enterprise Browser Explainer

The Mammoth Cyber Enterprise Browser works by combining a policy engine and a Chromium-based web browser into a unified solution. Our browser integrates with industry leading IdPs like Okta and Azure AD for an automated exchange of role-based permissions to manage access to applications while keeping company confidential information safe.

Secure Unmanaged Devices with the Mammoth Enterprise Browser

Securely connect contractors and employees using their own devices with the Mammoth Enterprise Browser. Remote workers just download the Chrome-based browser and go. The browser does a device posture check, provides tight security controls over application access and generates detailed audit logs to show exactly what users are doing with company data.

Data Security with the Mammoth Enterprise Browser

Data breaches are often linked to internal applications. Mammoth Cyber’s Enterprise Browser closes this security gap without any changes to the underlying applications or the end user experience. The browser takes on the function of controlling and masking sensitive data, so that it never shows up on the user’s screen or gets downloaded to their device.